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Neverender Vol. 1

Neverender Vol. 1

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A 200+ page epic from visionary creator, Devin Kraft. Smash the City. Smash the State. Burn it all, Escape to Space

The year is 2X19 and due to breakthroughs in artificial accelerants, mankind has taken to the stars. At the edge of civilization, the dominant sport is a civilized sword duel to the death.

The rules are simple:
"    The Duel Must Be Agreed Upon by Both Crows
"    A Time and Place Must Also Be Agreed Upon
"    Both Duelists Must Acknowledge Each Other
"    Only Two Crows May Duel at a Time
"    A Crow Must Have Direct Contact to His Weapon
"    Once the Kill is Confirmed the Match is Over

In the city of riots, Merrick, a disaffected terrestrial youth fights for his survival.