Heavy Metal Drummer Vol. 1

Heavy Metal Drummer Vol. 1

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Emiliano Plissken teams up with co-writer Kiefer Findlow and artist Luca Vassallo to create this romp in sex, drugs, and rock & roll!

1986 A.D.: Under the streets of Los Angeles breeds the seeds of a gruesome interdimensional conflict between order and chaos. Enter Dave, a junkee, heavy metal drummer whose life is about to get a whole lot shittier. Seek, destroy and return, warrior. Moving at the will of the cosmic mirror, Dave trades his drumsticks in for an axe and is sent to hunt down the parasitic agents. Meanwhile possessed elderly women seduce and capture unsuspecting johns.

Emiliano Plissken, Kiefer Findlow, Luca Vassallo, 176 pages, full color

Released on November 17th, 2022.