Bad Omens: Concrete Jungle #2

Bad Omens: Concrete Jungle #2

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From the mega-viral and chart-topping band known as Bad Omens, comes this comic series based on their newest record, The Death of Peace of Mind.

Bad Omens is one of many crime syndicates that operate in the largest district of the lawless and predominantly self-governed Concrete Jungle. Their members toe-the-line morally when it comes to their revolving door of methods and motives, but in the end they could be the antiheroes the city needs and the true kings of the concrete jungle.

ARTIFICIAL SUICIDE: Bad Omens has met their match while attempting to expand their reach into a new district. After a narrow escape at The Grey Museum, the four members are going to find something much larger awaiting their arrival on the streets of the Concrete Jungle.

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Written by: Noah Sebastian and Kevin Roditeli

Art by: Nicola Izzo

Letters by: Steve Ekstrom

24 pages/Color/Limited Edition