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The Illusion Witch Vol. 1

The Illusion Witch Vol. 1

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A fantasy tale from writer Ruben Romero and artist Andrea Errico.

The Illusion Witch tells the story of Aadya Locke a world-famous illusionist traumatized by the loss of her father and son, she has become cold and disconnected from reality. Transported into Saari a fantasy world filled with magic and danger, Aadya is paired with a talking Quoll, A warrior, his son, and a powerful mage. Hunted by The Three a wraith with monstrous intentions, Aadya will face her inner demons while battling real-life monsters in her attempt to save herself,  and Saari.


Ruben Romero, Andrea Errico, 132 pages, full color

Releases March 22nd, 2023.